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The International Field Guide Association defines professional standards for the world’s leading wildlife guides. 

IFGA Standards are developed in consultation with premium camps, lodges and hotels in wilderness ecosystems around the world.

Becoming an IFG Associate

The letters IFGA after a name are the hallmark of a wilderness guide at the pinnacle of their profession.  
In survey work carried out by the IFGA, 92% of premium camps, lodges and hotels in wilderness locations reported that they would choose an IFG Associate in preference to a candidate without IFG accreditation. 

Find out about how to become an IFG Associate in your region

Our mission has 2 parts


To provide a hallmark for wildlife guides who have achieved the very highest level of professional excellence.


To assist guide training organisations in delivering guides who are ready to meet the exacting requirements of international wilderness tourism, while playing an active role in ecosystem conservation.

A global standard

for professional excellence

in wildlife guiding.

The IFGA method


Needs analysis

Through quantitative and qualitative research, the IFGA maps the specific requirements which camp, lodge and hotel operators have for wildlife guides in a region. We map those needs across 5 “domains”: knowledge, skills, behaviours, sensitivities and philosophies.


Standard creation

For each domain, a set of 10 detailed standards are developed which, taken together, reflects the industry's requirements within that domain.


Assessment and examination

The IFGA provides assessments which allows a training organisation to quantify student attainment throughout their IFGA training program, as well as a final examination for the prestigious award of International Field Guide Associate, IFG.

Two IFGA examination cycles are offered each year, in December and June.

There are no annual fees to maintain IFGA Associate status.

Your IFGA training provider will provide you with their training and examination costs.


Contact Us

To find out more about how to join the IFGA, whether as an Associate, training provider, or hospitality provider looking to hire an IFGA guide, please contact us through the form.

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